RC Model Helicopter Hobby – Start Flying RC Model Helicopters Today

RC model helicopters are just as fun as airplanes, perhaps even better. With a helicopter you can hover, something that an airplane can’t do of course.

This ability alone makes it a fun hobby since you don’t need a flat runway or a wide open field to fly it. You can fly in a open field of course, but sometimes people just want to have a quick flight with little prep time, something that RC airplanes can’t really offer.

Getting started

Okay, so you want to start flying RC model helicopters but have no idea how to fly them, put them together, or even which kind to choose. These problems haunt many first timers and can become very expensive for you if you don’t come into this hobby with some basic knowledge. First let’s discuss the different types of RC model helicopters that are available and which one would be best for you.

Electric powered RC helicopters

Electric RC helicopters are powered by electricity through a battery and are the perfect type of helicopter for the beginner. First off, beginners aren’t going to have that long of fights anyways so a battery would last long enough for them.

Secondly, glow powered engines take fuel which is messy and makes the engine more difficult to maintain and operate. Of course after you have mastered an electric helicopter, then you should upgrade to a fuel powered helicopter.

Glow powered RC helicopters

RC helicopters that have glow engines are powered by fuel with nitro methane and provide a very realistic helicopter experience, but are also difficult to maintain, operate and fly.

Anyone can still fly one you just have to  master an electric helicopter first, then move up to a glow powered one.

Picking the right glow powered helicopter

This can be a hard decision since there are a few factors to consider when choosing a good glow helicopter. First you need to determine how fast and high you want to go. Glow engines are measured like this “.30″, which refers to how many cubic square inches the engine is, so obviously the bigger the engine the more power.

So be  sure to keep this in mind when purchasing, because if you plan to fly  higher and longer, then you want a bigger engine.

Another factor to consider for a fuel powered RC model helicopter is if the main rotor assembly is pre-built or not. This is something that takes time and patience, which most people might not have. So always check to see if the rotor is pre-built.

Setting up your helicopter

Alright, so you have your helicopter at home and you are ready to open the box and start flying it. But then you notice you have to adjust the blades, tail and servos before you can even start it.

So you probably have the urge to put it all together real fast, but you should not do this as the quality you put into it will determine your quality of flight.

Putting your helicopter together is the most important step that a new, or old, RC helicopter pilot can do. This is true because your helicopter will not fly if the parts are not setup and operating properly. For example, if you have a loose bolt you could lose one of your blades, or even your whole helicopter.

This is why you should read every word in the instruction manual before putting it together, and then after you understand where all the parts go you can proceed with the assembly.

RC helicopters are also well known for providing the most interesting video footage, if you were to attach a small enough video camera to one.

In choosing your camera, you have a broad range of video surveillance cameras available to you. Understanding the different kinds will make it easier to determine which one suits you.

Strong mini camera tripod fits in pocket, purse, camera bag, or briefcase with ease and works with digital camera or film camera. The 35 in 35mm cameras don’t refer to the focal length or even to the size of the image on the film. It is the width of the film including the sprockets. Konica and Minolta merged and now the name of minolta digital cameras has been changed accordingly.

Learning to fly

Learning how to fly a RC model helicopter is not something that I could just teach you on this single web page. Heck, I don’t think a book could even teach you how to fly a remote control helicopter. The only way to learn, in my opinion, is to get an experienced instructor to teach you.

You can find one at your local RC airplane club, because most likely if they fly airplanes then a few of the members also fly helicopters. Some instructors might teach you free of charge, others may ask for a small fee, but either way you will be learning from an experienced pilot and that is priceless.

Used RC helicopters

Buying a used RC helicopter is something that a beginner or veteran might find as a good idea. Think about it, your helicopter will have experience to it and adjusted almost perfectly, since it had a previous owner.

If you are not interested you should still take a look at some  used RC helicopters and see what you could get.

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